Week 30

    It was transfers this week but Tanner and his companion were not transferred. Tanner was very happy about that. He wants to stay and watch the people he has been teaching progress more. Unfortunately he will have to transfer eventually.
     He said people tell him about Donald Trump running for President. He said the people there do not like him because of his foreign policies, like the wall he wants to build and then make the Mexican people pay for it. (Good luck with that). They also don’t like Hillary because she is insane. Funny how in Mexico they have an opinion of our presidential candidates.


    Tanner got this jacket from an Elder that had left and thought he would pose gangster style. Not see sure what’s up with the Burger King crown.
    Their ward gave out bottles of water and chocolate for Father’s Day. Bottled water is a good thing to give out in Mexico.


   Even though Tanner is 1500 miles away in a foreign country he still has not lost his sense of humor and his desire to take pictures of weird and creepy things. This was in a candy store on the wall. Maybe they are trying to scare children so they won’t buy too much candy.


  Tanner would love to hear from his family and friends. His email address is tanner.bundy@myldsmail.com
If you want to write him a letter the address for pouch mail (1 sheet of paper folded and taped then addressed like an envelope) is:
Elder Tanner Bundy
Mexico Mexico City Northwest Mission
POB 30159
Salt Lake City, Utah
Or if you want to mail him a card or a longer letter his address is:
Elder Tanner Bundy
Victor Rocha Cruz
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero,
Mexico D.F
CP 07051


Week 29




Tanner had another baptism on Saturday. His companion was able to baptize a 9 year old girl of an inactive family. Tanner has transfers coming up next week. He is hoping to stay where he is at for one more transfer. He wants to see the people progress, he said they have a lot of potential. He said that they have had a cold front from the last hurricane. When I asked if there was another hurricane on the coast he said that they don’t watch the news so they could have dinosaurs rampaging on the side of the hill and they would never know. Ha ha funny! Tanner sent us a package. He picks out some funny things to send us like wrestler keychain. Grateful to receive things from him.

Week 28

Tanner has been busy teaching this week. Their mission president has set a goal of talking to 2 new people a day. He said that sometimes that is hard because there are not a lot of people on the streets.  He told us about some miracles that he has had. He wrote “Well there was a day where we found like 6 people ( our goal is 2).  We were in an area called Mesa de Leones and we went to visit some less actives and we found them and they also has had a few nonmembers living there so we will teach them.  Then before that we brought flowers to a lady because the last time we brought them to a sister in the church she was jsut joking with us like, “when are you going to bring my flowers” so we actually brought her flowers to contact her and we have started teaching her and her husband, they are cool.  Then we left and were walking and saw a lady had a bunch of her stuff that she was selling in the market so we asked if we could help carry it to her house and we contacted her through that and have started teaching her too.  It was a good day. “. These are the kind of days you hope for.
   Tanner is still learning the food in Mexico. He said he cooked tacos dorados which to us gringos is taquitos. He also learned to make watermelon water. He said it was the best flavored water.  He said if he learns how to cook taquitos he will teach us when he gets home. I can’t wait.

Week 27

Tanner is enjoying his mission and his companion. They had an opportunity to do an improvised guitar/rap song for the Cruz Family. He said it was awesome. He said he did a sweet solo. The family video taped it so that they can share it. 
   They have been working well this past week. They helped bless a house of an investigator that had an evil spirit or demon in it. They also were going to try to help two teenage girls with their friendship.
   Thankful Tanner has not gotten sick again. Maybe he is getting used to the food and water there.

6 months!!!

  I can’t believe it has six months since Tanner left. Only eighteen more to go!
  Tanner spent time on his Pday doing service. They helped do some concrete roads. He said the people in Mexico do there own streets. Someone needed help with the work so they helped.
   The week was a busy one with lots of lessons. They are learning to be more direct with how they teach and it has been helping them have success.
  Tanner asked how things were going in the world. He said that he gets to walk thru a bunch of election stuff too. Guess politicians are crazy no matter where you are.
   Tanner said that he keeps pictures of his family, friends and the Las Vegas Temple in his scripture case to show investigator that missionaries are normal people. Pretty cool idea.
   He shared a talk from conference that was pretty good. https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2015/04/waiting-for-the-prodigal?cid=HP_TH_5-21-2015_dPTH_fGC_xLIDyL1-B_〈=eng
    Tanner also shared a scripture. Luke 12:34 it reads “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart be also.” He likes this scripture because it is true. The things that are important to us show what is in our heart.  Putting things before God like playing guitar instead of reading scriptures.
   He also shared a article fro the Ensign.  https://www.lds.org/new-era/2014/02/let-your-music-speak?lang=eng