Week 92

    Tanner is enjoying his time as a missionary trainer. He says that his new companion is a cool guy, bit crazy but cool. Tanner also said that his new companion wears him out some days. He has to wake hime up and remind him about everything. He said that sometimes he feels like his dad. Now he knows how it feels to be the trainer or dad and have someone to teach. Tanner said that he is not sure why they have trusted hin to do something like this. Not an easy job.
   Tanner sent lots of pictures this week of service that they have been doing. Not sure what they did but they look like that they were having a good time while serving . 

   One of our dogs died today and I could not tell Tanner about it in a email because I did not want him to read that kind of email in a internet cafe. So we mailed him a letter and told him the news. I know that won’t be a fun letter to get but hopefully he will get it and read it the privacy of his own apartment.


Week 93

Tanner had a baptism this week. He sent pictures. So great to see the happy faces of everyone.

   He sounds happy and seems to be doing well with his new companion teaching him the ways of the mission.
   The Relief Society in our home ward sends the missionary letters every month. Tanner said that he getting letters from us from April, May, June and July. But he has received some from August but they are from the pouch mail system. I am glad that he is getting letters I just wish that they got there faster.

    Our home ward each Fast Sunday reads a testimony from a missionary that the Bishopric writes and ask them for. This Fast Sunday it was Tanner’s testimony. It was short and wonderful. I loved hearing his testimony and I can’t wait until I can hear his testimony in person.
   Tanner had a fun zone activity playing pool. Afterwards Tanner and his companion went to Burger King to eat. Tanner said it was about the same as here but he has heard the McDonald’s is worse than here.