Week 96

This was a rough week for Tanner.  From Tanner’s email-It was a rough week, to be honest.  Well the end of it was.  Its cause Elder Gardenhire has been sick this whole change and was in the hospital at the beginning of last week and they found out he has diabetes.  And they had him there till about Wednesday in the afternoon.  and he worked a little on Thursday and Friday and he was fine, but since he goes home in a week they decided it was better to send him home early.  It was sad.  I am glad he is in his house now and he was happy to go, but I’ll miss him.  He taught me so much in the mission.  He honestly changed my mission by being a good example to me always.  But I’ll see him again in about 2 months  I guess.  He says he is going to my homecoming.  That would be cool.  Then while we were in the offices to say goodbye I read a letter I got from you guys about how Emmie died, so that made me even more sad.  But I am glad you guys told me at least.  I don’t want to get home and have to hear,”oh by the way this person died, this happened, we sold all your stuff, etc.”  I prefer you guys tell me it.  So thank you for telling me that.  I did not like reading that he had an extra hard week but I knew that he would have a tough time when he got the letter about Emmie.  I was hoping that he would be able to read the letter in the privacy of his apartment not in the mission office with a bunch of people.


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