Week 69

Hard to believe that Tanner only has 7 and half months to go. Time has flown by. His email sounded good this week. He said that he has had a better week. They are working on finding new investigators from members. The investigators that they have been working with is doing well. Tanner and his companion attend addiction recovery classes with him. Tanner said that they are very interesting classes. He sent a video that is from the classes. http://www.mormonchannel.org/watch/series/12-steps-to-change/step-1-honesty-davids-story-on-sex-addiction-recovery
Elder Cooks from the Quorum of the Twelve came to speak to their mission. Tanner said it was amazing. Everyone was suppose to have a question to ask but they did not have enough time for it to happen. Tanner never could come up with a question to ask him. Tanner said. “He taught us a lot of things. One thing he focused a lot on was not being shy or timid, which is something I still struggle a lot with. I am better than before but I still have soooo far to go. Another thing that I liked was when he testified of the Savior. He told us that the Savior is guiding this church and that the apostles know Him. He said,”I know His voice and I know His face”. The Spirit was so strong. He invoked a blessing on us telling us we will be blessed for our work here but all of those that we love will also be blessed for our work.” Sound like it was a very spiritual meeting. They took a mission picture also. Tanner was also able to see on of his old companions Elder Cardenas.


Week 68

All week long I have worried about Tanner, feeling that he is struggling. When I got his email this week, I was right. He said,”These have been hard weeks, I won’t lie, but it will be worth it someday, hopefully sooner than later, but we have to work harder and consecrate ourselves more is all. But please just keep praying for us and all missionaries in general. ” It is hard to know that he is struggling but it is good to know that he is good now and knows to rely on the Lord.
He was able to get a hair cut and he sent us a picture.

He also was told and sent us the letter from the First Presidency that he will be able to vote. He is excited about that because he did not think that he would be allowed to. Now he just has to learn about the candidates. He knows that it will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race. He will have to figure out who he wants to vote for. At least he is lucky and does not have to hear all the political junk and lies that we do.
Tanner’s companion Elder Aris drew this weird picture of Tanner and himself. Pretty cool!

Tanner also sent lots of pictures of the area where he is now serving. It looks very colorful but so crowded. HE said it was a clear day because it had just rained.






Week 67

Tanner’s emails were short this week. He never has been a man of a lot of words. He did say that he is doing well and feeling fine. He has been attending addiction recovery classes with his investigator and he said that they are great. They help with addictions to anything from cell phones to meth.



Week 66

Tanner did not get transferred!! He is staying with the same companion in the same area. He thinks that he will stay in that area until Elder Aris leaves in May. I hope he is right.
Tanner sent a good email and it is much better for me to copy and paste then try to write what he said.
Hey mom I was wondering how everyone was doing over there. Like mostly my nonmember friends. I haven’t heard from them for like 15 months. Do you know anything about how they are? I usually don’t have much time to think about home and I have rarely thought about them but last night I had I dream about sharing the gospel with them and some, few but some, accepted. I felt impressed to ask you if you could post a note from me to them on Facebook. Through your Facebook though but on my wall so my Facebook friends can see it. I don’t even know if people still use Facebook over there but here is the message:

Hey everyone. I haven’t heard from you in a while and I hope you’re all doing okay and that you are working towards your goals. I am doing great here in Mexico and I am loving serving a mission. I would love to here from you guys. My email right now is tanner.bundy@myldsmail.net. Please write me.
I hope you all know (and I know many of you don’t) that God is real. He is really there, Those of you who don’t know that He is there, I want you to go ahead and get on your knees and ask Him if He’s there. I testify that He is. I know He is. God is our eternal Heavenly Father. He is literally our Father in Heaven who loves us and wants the best for us. He is like our fathers on earth who only want us to grow to be like Him one day. We are to inherit everything, yes everything that He has. But we have to be obedient to Him. But the first step is to believe that he exists. I can tell you He is there, everything is a witness of His divine existence. And I know He loves every single one of us more than we can imagine and He knows us all personally, even when we spit out His sacred name and use it as we would use profanity, even when we have sinned till we feel there is no going back, and even when we claim that He does not exist, He still loves us. There is no end to His love. He wants us to return with Him, but if we don’t chose to be pure and clean enough to enter once again into His house, how can we go in. We are like children that run in mud all day, some dirtier than others, but we are not allowed to enter into the house, because we are filthy. What must we do? We must get clean again before we can enter in again. Our parents do not punish us by saying we cannot enter in we punish ourselves by not living to the standards that must be kept to keep a clean place clean. I urge you all to believe in God and make yourselves clean through His son Jesus Christ. He is the only way and His church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is the only way to return to our Father in Heaven. This church is the only church is the only with the authority to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. If you don’t believe me ask God, He is the source of all truth and He cannot lie. Ask Him. I testify that He will answer your prayers because He loves you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Week 65

Tanner has had a good week working with his investigators. He has been attending addiction recovery classes and has attended church for the last two weeks.
The Pope was in Mexico City. Tanner said that having the Pope there did not affect them. Most people were too poor to go and see him so they watched it on TV.
Transfers are next week, hopefully Tanner won’t get transferred.

Week 64

Happy Valentines Day!! Tanner received a surprise Valentine package from us this week. He loved it and was totallly surprised, which is what we were going for.
Tanner loves his new companion and feels like they have know each other longer than a month. Tanner said, “I am sounding less and less like a guero everyday. And we have to speak English in the house only according to president so his English is getting better. ” President Hall has a program that helps the Latino missionaries attend BYU. If they learn English well enough, he will pay for two semesters at BYU. Elder Aris is working towards that goal.