Week 98

Only a few more week and Tanner will be home. This week he was able to attend the temple in Mexico City as a zone. He said that it was really cool and that he was finally able to go there.
Tanner is anxious to be able to go to some concerts when he comes home and to be able to play his guitars and listen to his music.
Part of Tanner’s email this week. I thought it was funny!”My companion says I talk every night in my sleep. Last night I was shouting with my fist raised in the air saying,”Si se puede” (yes you can) a bunch of my time. My companion said it was annoying haha. He also says almost every night I am talking in English but he can’t understand a thing. He will probably video tape me one night so I can see what I say.” I hope his companion videos him talking in his sleep, I would love to see it.
We received an email with Tanner’s final travel ITINERARY . He flies home on November 14, 2016 and his plane lands at 2:25pm. I can’t wait. Of course I am taking the day off so I can get the everything ready for him.


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