Week 63

Tanner is happy to be out of the mission office because it is less stressful. He said that his Spanish is alright. He said he knows a lot of words but his pronunciation is still not amazing. He said he talks like a gabacho.
He is working hard with his investigator trying to help him change. They have ward members helping them. So far his investigator has not gone to church.



Week 62

Tanner is feeling good. The hills are tiring and they are trying to work harder than before. He likes to work with investigators because that is the job of a missionary reactivation is for hometeachers. But he also know they need a lot of help with reactivation in this ward so they are working in both. They were told in the world wide mission conference(the first in more than 10 years) that they should be doing reactivation, retention, and finding all at once with people we visit. They have a new investigator who is gay and a drug addict. He approached them and really wants to change and quit being gay and quit doing drugs and drinking. Tanner said, “I know he can change. I have learned if people really want to change and put their faith in Christ they will change. I don’t care what everyone else says. A lot of people have expressed doubt that he can change, his neighbors talk bad about him. He hates it, it is very hard for him. He doesn’t want to be this way anymore. He has lived a hard life and suffered a lot of abuse and that has led to both of his main problems in life addiction and homosexuality. But I don’t care what people say, or what they think, this man is a child of God and God will provide the way for his repentance. The Atonement is infinite and it will help my investigator make it through as long as he trusts in Christ fully. ”
I received an email form Tanner’s last companion Elder Robertson. It said,”Hello Bundy Family, I am Elder Robertson, Elder Bundy’s last companion before he got changed a week ago. I Just wanted to Write you guys to let you know how great your son is. He is the first person I have been with for 3 Changes, but it flew by. It was a really good time, and I learned a lot from him. Thank you For including parts for us in all the packages you sent him. Thanks for everything,
Elder Robertson” So awesome to get an email form someone that Tanner has served with.

Week 61

Tanner is working hard. The ward that is in is the La Presa Ward. He said that their are about 1000 members in that ward but only about 100 come to church on Sundays. Pretty sad! He said it is a good area and they are working hard to find new investigators. He said the role of a missionary is to bring new members to the church and the home teachers and visiting teacher’s role is to reactivate members.
Tanner likes his new companion, Elder Aris. Elder Aris is from Panama and speaks Spanish so Tanner should be able to learn more Spanish or just speak what he knows right.
He sent a picture of Elder Aris and himself. They look so good and happy.