Week 100

Tanner had been sick with a cough but an investigator gave him some medicine and now he is feeling better. I am glad that the members and investigators look out for the missionaries. This week they had three investigators in church instead of zero. Tanner was happy about that.
This year will be Tanner’s first time to vote. He received his absentee ballot in the mail and now he needs to vote and mail it back to the States. It is hard to vote for people when you are not hear to know everything about them. He only knows what we tell him and what the people in Mexico tell him Good luck Tanner!
Tanner asked me if he could ask us a serious question. He wanted to know if he returned for someone after his mission to bring her back to the U.S. would we get mad at him? Be honest. I was so shocked and did not know what to say. Then he sent sent a picture and said isn’t she beautiful? It was a picture of his zone leader Elder Gomez in a dress. his companion wanted Tanner to play the joke on us. Silly guys.


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