Week 28

Tanner has been busy teaching this week. Their mission president has set a goal of talking to 2 new people a day. He said that sometimes that is hard because there are not a lot of people on the streets.  He told us about some miracles that he has had. He wrote “Well there was a day where we found like 6 people ( our goal is 2).  We were in an area called Mesa de Leones and we went to visit some less actives and we found them and they also has had a few nonmembers living there so we will teach them.  Then before that we brought flowers to a lady because the last time we brought them to a sister in the church she was jsut joking with us like, “when are you going to bring my flowers” so we actually brought her flowers to contact her and we have started teaching her and her husband, they are cool.  Then we left and were walking and saw a lady had a bunch of her stuff that she was selling in the market so we asked if we could help carry it to her house and we contacted her through that and have started teaching her too.  It was a good day. “. These are the kind of days you hope for.
   Tanner is still learning the food in Mexico. He said he cooked tacos dorados which to us gringos is taquitos. He also learned to make watermelon water. He said it was the best flavored water.  He said if he learns how to cook taquitos he will teach us when he gets home. I can’t wait.


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