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Week 11 & 12

I know I know! I suck at writing these for tanner. Tanner has been out almost 3 months now! Can you believe it?! Tanner claims time has gone by fast… But I don’t think so. 21 months seems like a terribly long long long long time! But I know we can all get through it! What can you say?! Tanner did yet another baptism! It was this 70 year old lady who has a strong testimony. Tanner said it was One of the most spiritual experiences ever.

Doesn’t he look great?!! And rather tall huh? Tanner tells us every week on how much he loves Mexico and loves the people. I’m so happy for him! I’m sure you all wondering what does tanner eat in Mexico? Tanner eats lunch (which is the biggest meal) at the a member or investigators home. That eat a variety of different foods. When he eats breakfast it is just a bowl of cereal or something. He also eats ramen. Mexico City is very American. They have dominos, subway and places like this. Tanner eats at these places a lot!

Tanner told me a story on when he was in a taxi. He heard one of his favorite songs, come on the radio. It excited him. For those of you who don’t know tanner loves his music!!! He also has played a guitar on his mission but not the kind he has back home. He forgot some of the songs he used to play:( but that’s okay he can learn when he comes home!!!

Tanner shared a funny story to me this week I could not stop laughing.
“i got a creepy valentines bracelet that basically translates to, “it excites me when you breath” a little girl in my ward let me pick one out and I liked the colors and that is what it said. If someone said that to me I would cry” hopefully this put a smile on your face like it did for me!

Tanner recommends you watch this video on YouTube as well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfRielL3Q94
It is a great video. This is a song that was played at president Gordon b hinckley funeral! Not the same version.

To close this blog post I would like to add a spiritual thought by tanner :
“DOn’t argue with people about religion you might want to call them a fool like in 2 Nephi 29:6-8 but just don’t only bear your testimony and leave” he also adds in that he doesn’t like to argue because he doesn’t know the language all that well.. Oh Tanner 🙂



Week 9 & 10

I know I know I’m starting to suck at posting! Tanner is doing great! He did his second baptism!!! And he has lost some of his investigators but has also gained new ones! Which is great! Tanner still loves MEXICO. He is learning the language and loving the food! He gets about 1500 Mexican dollars a month! Which is 97 American dollars. Tanner eats lunch which is the biggest meal of the day at investigators homes. Also!! I must add tanner is excited to be teaching someone Who speaks English! So he gets to teach them. Tanner is doing great! Tanner stated in an email “Elder Gomez is an excellent missionary and really knows what he is doing and we have a lot of investigators. I usually don’t say much because I am still trying to understand everything but it is fun.” It’s a struggle to learn the language. But I know tanner can accomplish all things especially tackling a new language! Like I mentioned previously tanner had another baptism! There was supposed to be 3 but only 2 were baptized because he could not stop thinking coffee.:( how sad! Cool fact though! “apparently my name sounds like Woody from Toy Story so a few people call me Woody. Mostly these butcher guys we know and some members of the ward. ” – quoted from elder Bundys email! Weird but cool 🙂 as we all know Tanner has a sense of humor! A quiet but hilarious sense of humor. This part of his email made me laugh! “-I taught my companion to say Ready Freddy and Pee like a race horse. He thinks both are funny” ohhhh tanner !