Week 51

It has been almost a year since Tanner left for Mexico. His Visa needed to be renewed, He and all the missionaries that arrived with him went and got their Visa renewed. He said that it was easy, fingerprints and sign some papers.
They took a new mission office picture. He said it only took a few minutes to take. I would have thought it would take longer hanging on a fence like that.

Mission OFfice nov 2015
This week they had no investigators in church. One of his investigators, Javier, hurt his foot and may have an infection from it. It seems that the opposition really does not want this family to go to church and come unto Christ. It is not the Mexican culture to go to church each week, so it is hard to get people to understand that is what they need to do.


Week 50

This week has been good for Tanner. He heard about the new Church handbook change on same sex marriage and was able to watch a video about it that is posted on LDS.org. Tanner said, “It is interesting but it makes sense to me. It is just interesting to me how the world is going so far off the path that they might as well be going in a different direction entirely while the church stands true to God and to the Saviour. That was a great video. He really stands his ground. That is what we need to do, is stand our ground, like Tom Petty says,”you can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won’t back down.” I found Abraham Bundy’s story on familysearch.com about how he converted and he stood his ground. The people where he was living were persecuting him, members around him couldn’t stand hand the heat and renounced their devotion to the Savior, claiming they never knew it to be true, but Abraham stayed true. That is how we need to be.”
Things went better this week, they had 3 investigators in church instead of 0 and then the dad of that family, Javier, came to the 2nd hour which he loved because by what appears as chance, but we all know it was the will of God, the lesson that was supposed to happen was the word of wisdom. It couldn’t have been more perfect.
Biggest challenge is that the people are so inconstant they accept us then don’t then do. Its a roller coaster of happiness and sadness. But the best thing was that we had people in the church, not 1, nor 2, but 3.

Week 49

It has been a rough week for Tanner.  Or as he said a couple of rough months.  The biggest challenge of the week was trying to find that family that wants to be baptized but don’t go to church because the dad drinks.  They really want to help them but they aren’t accepting them lately.  The biggest accomplishment was probably that we found that hippy chick that we were teaching and we taught her a little more.  Kinda a small accomplishment. She really was excited when they told her about the Book of Mormon and she still hasn’t started yet but Tanner see a lot of potential.  Last week was transfers and one of the Elders that was in the mission office with him has been transferred.  The mission office is a lot quieter without Elder Tate.  I guessing that is a sad thing not a good thing.

Day of the Dead is actually really cool.  First it started on Saturday with Halloween which is an American thing but they have started doing that too.  So they just walk outside and go outside of houses chanting, “we want Halloween we want Halloween”.  It was funny.  But then on Sunday was the day of the dead for children and today is more of the adult’s party.  It is a cool holiday people just dress up or paint their faces like skulls and walk around.  They make offerings to their ancestors to celebrate the life of that person the offering is for.  It is a bit strange but also cool. Members don’t really do offerings though so they don’t usually celebrate it.

Part of Tanner’s email.  It is better said in his words then for me to tell about it.  Yesterday was scary.  We were walking home at night from the meeting with president and we saw some drunk guy and he was talking loudly so I looked over just as he walked into the street and was hit by a car.  The car just sped off and the man was on the ground.  Other people rushed over to help him and he was still alive.  We directed traffic around the cars and the guy.  It was so strange I had never seen a thing like it.  The emergency response people were really slow so we directed traffic til they got there.  The man will live  I think, his head definitely hit the pavement hard and he was bleeding a lot but he was still moving and breathing.  Really scary though.
  Tanner included a video of a song that he really liked and wanted to share with us.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VsjSa1X7iA
 My scripture for you this week is John 11, because I like that chapter a lot.  It just has a lot of beautiful gospel principles and it isn’t even a parable or a sermon it is jsut something Jesus did.

Tanner included a picture of his zone in Lindavista. His companion , Elder Robertson is directly behind the sister in the brown coat.

Good looking bunch of the Lord’s servants.

Week 47 and 48

Week 47-Tanner was only to email me once so he did not have much to say. He said that the week sucked with missionary work. He said no one want to accept him. Sunday was Tanner’s birthday and I was worried that his day would go unnoticed but President Hall surprised with a cake and ice cream and had him blow out his candles and make a wish. So glad for that. He was able to get his birthday package on Monday and loved the photo books, he said that they were sweet.
He sent two videos to watch. https://www.mormonchannel.org/watch/series/mormon-messages/reflections

Week 48-There was a hurricane in Mexico and I was worried that it would hit Mexico City were Tanner was. But it did not and Tanner was aware of it but was not concerned or even affected by it. It was transfers this week but Tanner or his companion were transferred. Tanner said that he still had three months to go of his six month sentence in the mission office.
They had a roller coaster of week. They found some great new people and they already want to be baptized but they did not go to church on Sunday because the dad ran off again to drink. I guess Satan is using alcohol to keep dad away from the church. I pray that dad will be able to beat his demons and follow Christ.