Week 30

    It was transfers this week but Tanner and his companion were not transferred. Tanner was very happy about that. He wants to stay and watch the people he has been teaching progress more. Unfortunately he will have to transfer eventually.
     He said people tell him about Donald Trump running for President. He said the people there do not like him because of his foreign policies, like the wall he wants to build and then make the Mexican people pay for it. (Good luck with that). They also don’t like Hillary because she is insane. Funny how in Mexico they have an opinion of our presidential candidates.


    Tanner got this jacket from an Elder that had left and thought he would pose gangster style. Not see sure what’s up with the Burger King crown.
    Their ward gave out bottles of water and chocolate for Father’s Day. Bottled water is a good thing to give out in Mexico.


   Even though Tanner is 1500 miles away in a foreign country he still has not lost his sense of humor and his desire to take pictures of weird and creepy things. This was in a candy store on the wall. Maybe they are trying to scare children so they won’t buy too much candy.


  Tanner would love to hear from his family and friends. His email address is tanner.bundy@myldsmail.com
If you want to write him a letter the address for pouch mail (1 sheet of paper folded and taped then addressed like an envelope) is:
Elder Tanner Bundy
Mexico Mexico City Northwest Mission
POB 30159
Salt Lake City, Utah
Or if you want to mail him a card or a longer letter his address is:
Elder Tanner Bundy
Victor Rocha Cruz
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero,
Mexico D.F
CP 07051


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