Week 97

It was a long but good week for Tanner.  He was working in a trio since Elder Gardenhire was sent home.  They were able to have 23 lessons between the two areas, which was alot of lessons for them.  They are no longer a trio because they had transfers this week.  Tanner did not get transferred and will finish his mission in Ventisca where he has been.  By time he leaves he will have been in this same area for seven and half months.  He was happy about it but scary to think it was his last area.   Now Tanner is starting to see Elders, who he has served with his entire mission, start to finish their missions and go home.  I think the end of your mission is as hard as the beginning.  Leaving the known and people you love to the unknown and people you need to learn how to live with again.   But we can do hard things.  As Tanner gets closer to the end of his mission he is thinking about what he wants to do with the rest of his life.  He said, ‘I am scared to get back to real life to be honest.  I am still not sure what I want to do with my life.  But I know that the Lord will help me to decide.  I would really like to do something with music because that is something I know I would love to do, but it scares me because its not an easy career.  But nothing that’s worth it really is easy I suppose.  Who knows, the unsurety scares me I guess. ”  I mentioned to him that maybe he could be a music teacher and he told me that they visited an old lady that is less active who was sad so to cheer her up he gave  her a guitar lesson she’s been asking him for.Tanner said that it was cool.  Again music being a good missionary tool.

Tanner was able to watch General Conference in the stake center in Spanish.  He said that he really enjoyed Elder Renlund about repentance.  I like how they mentioned missionary work and gaining our own testimonies to share them with others that was cool.

Tanner sent a picture of a training meeting.  It looks like alot of the other ones but it is cool to see pictures of him 

 Tanner said that he also saw Herbie and I was not sure what he meant until he sent me the picture and then I understood.  Herbie the Love Bug


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