Week 94

This week Tanner said that they were getting ready for Mexican Independence Day.  The stake had an activity of Noche Mexicana and it was cool. He said that there was music, dancing, food, and stuff like that.  But they only stayed till like 9:30.  But it went on until like 12 or so. He said that it would be cool to see them celebrate it one day though.  Tanner said, “They do a shout for independence that I’ve never seen before.”

I ask Tanner if he was counting days until he came home.  Tanner said, “I’m not going to count the days I’ll go insane.  I am working hard.  We are finding new people that are great but if I want to see any of them get baptized I need to get to work now.  There’s no time to mess around or worry too much about coming home I have work to do.  But I do admit that it is getting harder to work hard because I have in my mind that I will be home in 2 months and it excites me and scares me at the same time.  But I am going to work hard and I know God will help me to give all I can in the end of my mission whether I see the fruits or my work or not.”  It’s hard not to tell him each week how many days until he comes home.

Tanner told us of a time when they were contacting people to talk to. He said, “Dad will like this story: Sometimes when we contact people we talk to them about the clothes they are wearing or things we see that interest them so we can gain their trust a little before talking about the gospel.  I contacted a guy wearing a Judas Priest shirt.  I didn’t plan on talking about Judas Priest with him but that was the only thing that was coming to my mind to say so I asked him if he liked Judas Priest.  and he did trust us a little more and at least excepted our phone number to call us one day.  It may not have been a perfect success but he at least felt comfortable enough to talk with us. The weird thing is I actually felt like the Lord wanted me to talk about Judas Priest in that moment.  it was weird haha!”  I love how music is a great missionary tool, even rock and roll.




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