Week 91

Monday came and we did not get an email from Tanner but we got one from Elder Gomez all in Spanish. Que gozo nos da informarle que su hijo, Elder Parada ha llegado a la misión. Nos sentimos muy bendecidos al tenerle con nosotros y compartir con Él el deseo de predicar el Evangelio a toda criatura. Es un misionero maravilloso y agradecemos por Él. Su entrenador es Elder Bundy; un excelente misionero que ayudará a su hijo a desarrollar su máximo y pleno potencial.
Saludos a la familia Parada. So we google translated it and find out what it said. What a joy it gives us inform you that your son, Elder Parada has come to the mission. We feel very blessed to have you with us and share with him the desire to preach the gospel to every creature. It is a wonderful missionary and thank you for He His trainer is Elder Bundy . ; an excellent missionary who help your child develop their full potential and full .
Stop greetings to family. So glad that we could translate it so we could know what it said and maybe tell us why Tanner did not email us.
On Tuesday Tanner emailed us. He was very happy to tell us that he was not tranferred and that now he was a trainer. His companion is from Mexico and just came from the MTC. Tanner said that he is going to work really hard with this companion because he thinks that this will be his last area and last companion because he only has twelve weeks left.


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