Week 90

Tanner received mail from home this week and one of the letters was a postcard with a monkey on it. He told of using it for a teacher moment. In the district meeting I was the investigator in the practices and they had to find out what my problem was and how to solve it. My wife was abusive was the problem. I used the postcard to show them a picture of “my wife”. It was a very interesting practice because Elder Gardenhire acted as my wife and came home angry at me for having the missionaries over. Weird practices. Elder Gardenhire is a scary wife and isn’t very pretty either but he does know how to cook. I am glad to know that the postcards that I send him can be used as props for teaching.
I asked Tanner the best and worst of his mission. The best thing so far is when you are able to teach a good lesson and feel the Spirit guiding you to help this person. The hardest thing is when you have nothing and you have to struggle to find people that want to listen to you.


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