Week 89

Good week this week. Tanner and his companion were able to have fourteen lessons this week and working hard to get more. The sisters that Tanner teaches in his district tell him that they like the way that he teaches. He makes them talk by basically asking questions. He makes them read scriptures and then will ask them what they thought about the scripture. Good plan.
We told Tanner that we were cleaning his room and getting it ready for when he comes home. He asked that I not throw his guitars or CDs out. Like I would do that. Silly boy!
Tanner told us about a family that he is teaching. He said, “we are teaching a woman named Alejandra who has an autistic boy named Diego. He’s always running around naked, but it kind of helped me explain why Adam and Eve needed to eat the fruit in order to understand everything better.” I told him to use pictures because Diego would really like that and his mom would be impressed that Tanner could entertain her child. He said that when they come over to teach that the mom just has Diego take a bath. I guess that why he runs around naked all the time.
Tanner sent a link about the Philadelphia temple. He really like the pictures. http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/open-house-begins-philadelphia-pennsylvania-temple?cid=HP_TH_4-8-2016_dPAD_fFSRCH_xLIDyL2-2_


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