Week 84

Happy Fourth of July!!! First week with the new mission president and Tanner seems to like him. He said that he was cool and really relaxed so far. No changes yet! His new mission president President De Leon is from Idaho. President Hall was from Idaho also.      We told Tanner about trying a new Mexican place to eat and that his dad tried Al Pastor tacos and that he thought that they were pretty good. Tanner said that he would be the judge of that when he comes home. Guess he is now an authority on Mexican food.
Last year for 4th of July a family in Tanner’s ward prepared him an American meal of hot dogs and decorated the house with American flags. I thought it was a very nice thing to do for missionaries far from home. I asked Tanner if there was a family in the ward that was like that. He said no and that he tried to avoid families like that because they would waste a lot of valuable time with them. They were good people and only meant well.
I told him that if it made him feel any better that we were not doing anything special either. He said to watch “The Patriot” but that it probably was not a good thing that a missionary was telling us to watch a rated R movie so he said to watch this talk instead. http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/elder-christofferson-religious-freedom-under-fire
Final words for the week- “Remember that we live on the promised land” True words.


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