Week 81

Tanner is working hard and had another baptism. She had been going to church for over a year and decided that it was time to get baptized. Her two children have already been baptized and now it was her turn. Tanner said that he really had nothing to do with this baptism because she was already ready before he got there. He said,”I put a lot of hope in people, maybe more than I should. But as missionaries we are here to harvest people who are ready to follow Christ and repent. We are not here to only plant seeds. We are here to harvest. But one day it will be Antonio’s time and he will be ready to harvest. At least that is my hope.”As Tanner learns of changes at home with family, he realizes that things will be different when he returns. He quoted Ozzy Osbourne “Its like Ozzy Osbourne says in,”Mama I´m Coming Home”. He says something like,”times are long, times are strange, here I come but I ain’t the same, Mama I’m coming home.” I may have just butchered that but its been so long since I have heard it. I am glad people still remember me though. haha. I am surprised they all know the exact time I have left. 5 months, that is weird, you can count it on one hand now. Its scary.” Tanner was surprised that family beside his mom and sister know how many months he has left. I think that it makes him feel good to know that someone else thinks about him too. Not sure that quoting hard rock songs while on a mission is the right thing but that is Tanner. He said that he got his love of hard rock from his dad and mom. Great thing for us to pass on to our kids.


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