Week 80

Tanner is keeping busy and staying healthy. So far he seems to like his new companion and said that he seems to be cool and likes to follow the rules. I am grateful that Tanner has had some good companions so far in his mission. I know that he has learned from them and I hope that he has taught them something too.
The Mexico City MTC is in his zone and he said that is so weird to think that there are people he knows just on the other side of the wall in his area. If they has a reason to go to the MTC they can go. He was there a couple of weeks ago because they had an appointment with a member there. It would be so cool if he could go when someone he knows was there and be able to see them.
Part of Tanner’s email this week………I had my last interview with President Hall. well my last in the mission, he told me he is going to find me and visit me my whole life, even after he dies he wants to haunt me. Great. Well I asked President what I can do better and what I am doing well. He told me I have come a long way and that when I got in the mission I was very unsure and I was afraid of my own shadow. But now I have a lot more confidence and a firmer testimony. He told me the same things he always tells everyone to improve on. Work, obedience, love, and faith. He says I need to increase my faith and to do that I need to work hard and by working hard I won’t ever have time to even think about being disobedient because I am so busy working. And I need to learn to say I love you more because he told me he knows it is still hard for me to say it. Its true.
Then afterwards he asked if I had anything else I thought about asking him about what I should study but decided against it. So i told him that was all I had. Then he asked me,”what are you going to do after your mission?” I told him I didn’t know. He said he didn’t know either and he said I will be fine if I don’t think about it in the mission, in fact I will probably be better off. He said when he got home he prayed and decided to study business not knowing what to do with it but knowing he wanted to be his own boss. Then after he graduated his dad found a gas station and told President Hall he would help him buy it and then he could start a gas station. Well President took the opportunity. And long story short he is a billionaire right now. He has gas stations in 48 states and is very rich. and you would never even know it by the way he dresses or anything. He helps so many people with his money. So I have decided I will think about it after the mission and pray and the Lord will help me to know what to do. But I also need to stick to those 4 things for all my life: work, obedience, love, and faith. President has always taught me those are the keys to success in everything.
I am so grateful for the guidance of his mission president. I know that he was called by God to help these young missionaries. I am grateful for the growth that Tanner has shown and I look forward to seeing in person how much he has grown.


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