Week 79

Tanner said that this was the weirdest week of his mission. Well I baptized this week… with Elder Tate. We started the week in a trio with Elder Gardenhire and then on Wednesday after my class Elder Gardenhire told me I had to go to the other side of the mission with Elder Tate, so I went. Its cause Elder Tate’s companion got sent home early for disobedience so president sent two Vegas kids together. And it was fun and we had a baptism. And then on Saturday they told me Elder Montiel was going to leave my area and now that I have returned to Ventisca I have a new companion. Elder Gomez. He is not the same as my trainer. He is a different one. he seems cool though but we’ll see. He actually goes home the same time I do as well. but we are going to baptize a sister not this week but next week and then two weeks after her we have a brother we are baptizing. I am excited.

Tanner is still district leader. His new companion Elder Gomez is from Acapulco, Mexico and goes home the same time as Tanner.
I hope that Tanner is liking change because he sure has have alot of it lately.
Tanner sent a link to a great article from the Ensign. Life changing Talk……….https://www.lds.org/ensign/2013/09/his-grace-is-sufficient?lang=eng


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