Week 76

Mother’s day Skype was awesome! Tanner looked and sounded so good. Sometimes the connection was not the greatest and Tanner would be pretty blurry but it was so worth seeing and hearing him. Only a little more than 6 months until he comes home. I was worried that Skyping us would cause Tanner to be home sick and Tanner said that he was staying there forever-just kidding.
During our Skype I wanted to ask him what did he think that he would want to do for a living when he came home but I did not get a chance to, so I asked him in a email. He said, “I have decided to become a mountain man. I am going to live off the land and poach to live and I will build an illegal log cabin in the middle of nowhere to live. Then I will come down from the mountain and find a wife and we’ll live in our cabin with our kids the rest of our days only to come down to go to church and things like that. Just kidding. But it would be pretty cool.” Funny guy. He has been thinking about what he wants to do but is unsure. He said that he needs to fast and pray about his future.




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