Week 75

Just a short expert from Tanner’s email this week. “My companion is pretty cool so far. We are finding people little by little. We found a lady named Yeni (Jenny) She is an old investigator who used to listen to the sister missionaries but they never went back with her. we found her using the records we have in our area book. She was outside her house because her key was stuck in the lock and she didn’t know how to open the door. So we taught her a bit and she didn’t seem too willing to let us come back so we were about to go but Elder Montiel wanted to help her to open her door first so he struggled with it and used a metal rod to open the door. She was so excited and she invited us in for a glass of water. Inside we talked more about the gospel and she said we could come back. It was a cool experience, she wasn’t going to accept us but Elder Montiel helped her and she is going to let us come back because of it. Service really does help.
I saw Elder Aris at a leadership council on Friday and he is that Luna and Jose will still get married. He saw Antonio but he didn’t go to church or to the addictions class. Thinking of baptisms I saw Elder Cardenas today and he told me that Ramon, one of our investigators in La Joya (my first area) got baptized in some other place a month and a half ago. I am so happy he is a member now. Also I forgot to tell you that a family of 3 in Politecnio that Elder Robertson and I found and started teaching got baptized not too long ago as well. I guess I at least left seeds for others to be baptized in those areas. ” It is so awesome to see that the Church is growing because of service and seeds that were planted.
He is excited for the opportunity to Skype us on Mother’s Day.


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