Week 73

This week was transfer week and Tanner was transferred. He is now in a an area called Ventisca in the stake Arbolillo. He is a district leader with his companion over the Sister Missionaries. His new companion is Elder Montiel he is from Baja California, Mexico. He says he seems to be a good guy but that he does not know him too well. I guess he will get to know him a lot better by the time transfers come up again.
Tanner sent lots of pictures this week. Some with the families that he left in his past area and some with the investigators that he has been working with. Sad that he won’t be able to see them progress and be baptized.
This is a picture of him with his first zone leader, Elder Plata who was going home today.

Elder Aris drew another picture of the of them. Pretty cool picture. Hope Tanner was able to keep it.

Tanner seemed to like his last area and had good ward members to help take care of him. He sent pictures of some members that he enjoyed being with. Elder Howell, Leonzo, and Tanner.

Elder Aris and Tanner with the family Sanchez.

This family Tanner has been working with and has committed to get married and want to get baptized. Sadly Tanner will miss both.

Antonio is an investigator has been working with attending addiction recovery classes with him. I hope that he will continue progressing towards baptism.

He also sent a picture of his mission leader, the best mission leader so far.

Five more transfers!!!!


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