Week 68

All week long I have worried about Tanner, feeling that he is struggling. When I got his email this week, I was right. He said,”These have been hard weeks, I won’t lie, but it will be worth it someday, hopefully sooner than later, but we have to work harder and consecrate ourselves more is all. But please just keep praying for us and all missionaries in general. ” It is hard to know that he is struggling but it is good to know that he is good now and knows to rely on the Lord.
He was able to get a hair cut and he sent us a picture.

He also was told and sent us the letter from the First Presidency that he will be able to vote. He is excited about that because he did not think that he would be allowed to. Now he just has to learn about the candidates. He knows that it will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race. He will have to figure out who he wants to vote for. At least he is lucky and does not have to hear all the political junk and lies that we do.
Tanner’s companion Elder Aris drew this weird picture of Tanner and himself. Pretty cool!

Tanner also sent lots of pictures of the area where he is now serving. It looks very colorful but so crowded. HE said it was a clear day because it had just rained.







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