Week 57 Christmas Day Skype!!

Tanner still has not received his Christmas package.  So much for saving things to open on Christmas day.  He said that his companion did not get one either because it was sent back because it contained hot chocolate.  Crazy Mexico!! I think that DHL or Mexico does not like Mormon or Christmas.

Skypeing with Tanner was awesome!! He looked so good and happy.  He told us about being at a convenience store when it was being robbed.  He and his companion went to the store late one night to buy orange juice.  His companion paid and there was a man in front of Tanner.  Tanner said the guy pulled out his gun and told the clerk to give him all the money.  Tanner said he quietly put his money back in his pocket.  The robber got the money from the clerk looked at Tanner and his companion and left.  Tanner was not able to get his orange juice because the store closed afterwards.  I am grateful that the robber did not care about Tanner and his companion.  I would say that the Lord is looking out for his servants.


When Tanner emailed he said that they were suppose to watch “Inside Out” but I guess the other Elders decided that they did not want to do that and played soccer instead.  Tanner said  “they sold our birthright for a mess of pottage by playing soccer instead.  They could’ve done that some other time but they can’t see a movie that isn’t a church one till next Christmas or in the case of many of us till we go home.  But that’s okay, I forgive them.”  They had pizza and then a meal with their landlords.  They exchange Christmas gifts  and Tanner received a tie, some Star Wars stuff and grass locust.  He gave his companion a Doctrine and Covents DVD.



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