One year down and one to go!

One year is over and we survived.  Tanner can’t believe that one year is over already.  Sometimes it feels like it went by so quickly and other times it seems like forever since he has been home.  They had investigator come to church with them this week, one is better than none.  Javier is back with his family but keeps telling Tanner that they will see them tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.  Transfers are next week but Tanner or his companion will not be transferred.  One of the elders in the mission office will be transferred and then Tanner will have one transfer to teach the new Elder how to do all the office stuff. Tanner said that he will miss the fun that they have in the office but he will not miss the stress of the office work.  I guess being in an office will not be his career choice when he come home.

As a zone they did a service project.  They helped a hoarder clean out their house so that someone could live in a room.  They moved everything up on the roof of the house.  It looked like a very big job but they looked like they were enjoying themselves while doing it.   I love the cowboy hats!



This week was Thanksgiving for us.  Mexico does not celebrate Thanksgiving but Tanner did send a picture of his Thanksgiving dinner.  He did not say if was a members house or what the circumstances were behind it.  Questions to ask. Wonder if it was turkey enchiladas?


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