Week 39

   Tanner is learning to like working in the mission office more but he says it still is not fun. He answers the phone sometimes and does other things. I think he would rather be out teaching then stuck in a office doing things that he does not like.
    He tried some Chicharron con Salsa Verde. He said it was alright but it made him slightly sick, but nothing to worry about. He said he is learning a little bit about cooking good Mexican food. Hopefully he can teach me some things.



   He sent pictures of him wearing a Nazi helmet and holding a dagger  that said “All for Germany” in German on the dagger. He said they were real and pretty cool. He said the family liked collecting old stuff. I like old record player in the background.
    He was able to go to a mall in his area. He went into a guitar store and checked it out. They had some guitar picks with Johnny Cash on them but he did not buy them because it just had the words and no pictures. 


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