Week 38

  Tanner has had a decent week. He says it is hard because alot of people are on vacation. The area that he is now in surrounds a university. Mexico City is super busy and Tanner still needs to get used to it.
    Tanner sent pictures this week from his old area of La Joya. He sent a picture of the security guard of his old apartment area. Tanner said that he knew how to use a knife to fight and taught Tanner a few things.


  In his last area Tanner and his companion Elder Cardenas won  the Balon de Oro the last week together because they had the most success for two weeks in their zone. It was their first time winning and they were happy.



It looks like something they pass from person to person depending on who won. Their names go in it. Pretty cool.
    He also sent pictures of the Cruz family. They took good care of Tanner while he served in their ward. They will be missed.


    He also sent pictures of two if his favorite investigators. He said they were his favorite because they already know so much about the church. Ramon (one in the Super man shirt) had read the Book of Mormon before he had even meet with the missionaries. He knows it us true but is afraid to be baptized because he has been Catholic is whole life and is afraid he will be rejected by his family and friends. Tanner knows one day they will be baptized.


  They only have a few investigators now. They don’t baptize much in this area, hopefully they can do something about it.


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