Week 36 First transfer

    This was a tough week for Tanner. It was also a great week. On Friday he was able to go by bus to Tequixquiac to marry a couple. He said the area reminded him of Overton, I not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.


    He took a selfie with his companion Elder Cardenas in the bus on the way there. Looks like they were having a good time.


   On Saturday Tanner had a baptism of three people. Bryan who was 8, his  Aunt Jaqueline who was 12 and Mario .  The missionaries had been working with Mario for a year or so helping him get divorced so he could marry someone else.


   This was Tanner first transfer and he said it sucked to saying goodbye to everyone.  Tanner is in a new area with a new companion, Elder Harmon. He is now the Secretary to the Mission President.  He said he is glad to be in a new place but it will be interesting having all of the stress of the offices of the mission on his back, but he says it’s ok.  He will work as a secretary half the time and still teach people about the Gospel. Not sure what he will be emailing us so we will have to wait and see. I am anxious to  see pictures of his new apartment. Maybe next week.


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