Mother’s Day Call

     We were able to Skype Tanner for mother’s day and it was awesome. He told us of the things he had tried like cactus and cow intestines. Both of which he said was weird tasting.  He told us that he walks every where he goes and would like a pedometer to tell him how far he has gone.
   People tell him that they like his suits and he tells them that they were his dad’s suits and he wears a tie that was his great grandfather’s tie. Nice to know that the family is with him in some way.
   We were able to ask him questions about the area and his companions. We asked him if he had been mugged. He said he had once. But he said it was no big deal. He and his companion were stopped by a guy one night and asked to please give him all their money. Tanner and his companion gave him the money they had which was only 5 pesos. The guy said this is all you have? They said yes and he then said to give him their phone and they did. The guy was like this is your phone? Tanner and his companion were surprised how nice the guy was, he even told them that his girlfriend is Mormon and they should come visit him. Tanner and his companion were like sure. They left and continued walking home and saw the guy again. The guy gave them back their phone and tried to give them the money back but they told him to keep it.  I guess if you are going to get robbed then this is the way to do it.
   Tanner’s Spanish sounded pretty good. He bore his testimony in Spanish  for us. We did not understand everything he said but it was still awesome to hear and the Spirit is there no matter the language.
The next time we will get to talk to Tanner will be on Christmas Day. But at least we have emails each week.


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