Week 22

    We are at the 5 month mark!!! Only 19 more to go. Tanner says it has gone by really fast, like a rocket.  Tanner’ s Spanish is OK, he said that he needs to learn how to pronounce the “r” in Spanish. It is so hard.
  Tanner and the Elders in his district have started doing the P90X workout program for their daily excerise. I asked him if he had gained weight since he left. He said not yet, but it would easy to get fat there because people always seem to give them lots of food and it is rude there if they don’t eat it all.
   Tanner and his companion serve with two other Elders in their area. He said that there is a lot if work to do and they keep busy. They work with the members to help with the missionary work. It helps keep the members active too.
  Tanner would love emails or letters. His email address is tanner.bundy@myldsmail.com
His mailing address is:
Elder Tanner Bundy
Mexico Mexico City Northwest Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, Utah
This address is for pouch mail only, which means a single sheet of paper folded like it would fit in a long envelope and the taped on the long side. Address like you would an envelope.
Tanner wanted to share two videos.


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