Week 18

Can you believe that Tanner has been out for four months now? He got a new companion-Elder Cardenas. He is from Columbia and speaks little to no English. Tanner said that Elder Cardenas did rap before his mission and he thought was interesting. Tanner said that saying goodbye to Elder Gomez his first companion was hard but he hopes it will get easier. Tanner said his spiritual message for this week was to watch General Conference. We are fortunate enough to have living prophets today and we can listen to them on the computer or go to the stake center to listen to them. But listen to them. During the Great Apostasy no one could hear from a living prophet, even when there were living prophets not everyone got to hear from them directly. But today everyone can. It is kind of sad when something us this easy we don’t want to do it. So please watch conference. I know that when you do you will feel the spirit and the spirit will testify to you what you need to do to improve and become more like Christ. I testify these things and invite you to watch conference. In the name if Jesus Christ Amen.
Tanner and his companion were able to take some new converts to the Mexico City Temple Visitor Center. The temple is closed for renovation.
Tanner said that “The Walking Dead” is popular in Mexico also. He hears rumors about what is going to happen in the show even though he can’t watch it.






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