Week 9 & 10

I know I know I’m starting to suck at posting! Tanner is doing great! He did his second baptism!!! And he has lost some of his investigators but has also gained new ones! Which is great! Tanner still loves MEXICO. He is learning the language and loving the food! He gets about 1500 Mexican dollars a month! Which is 97 American dollars. Tanner eats lunch which is the biggest meal of the day at investigators homes. Also!! I must add tanner is excited to be teaching someone Who speaks English! So he gets to teach them. Tanner is doing great! Tanner stated in an email “Elder Gomez is an excellent missionary and really knows what he is doing and we have a lot of investigators. I usually don’t say much because I am still trying to understand everything but it is fun.” It’s a struggle to learn the language. But I know tanner can accomplish all things especially tackling a new language! Like I mentioned previously tanner had another baptism! There was supposed to be 3 but only 2 were baptized because he could not stop thinking coffee.:( how sad! Cool fact though! “apparently my name sounds like Woody from Toy Story so a few people call me Woody. Mostly these butcher guys we know and some members of the ward. ” – quoted from elder Bundys email! Weird but cool 🙂 as we all know Tanner has a sense of humor! A quiet but hilarious sense of humor. This part of his email made me laugh! “-I taught my companion to say Ready Freddy and Pee like a race horse. He thinks both are funny” ohhhh tanner !


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