Week 8

I know I’m really late on writing this…. But guess what! Tanner and elder Gomez did their first baptism. Tanner said the guy had to quit smoking to get baptized. What a challenge that must of been! Tanner doesn’t count this as his first baptism because his he just got with elder Gomez. But still I think it is pretty cool!

Doesn’t this picture just bring tears to your eyes? It did for me! Maybe just because I’m a cry baby?! Hahaha! Tanner said they did not get to baptize the covert because his mission believes that the ward members should so they can maintain a better relationship the members. Which is smart!!

So tanner told us he ate street food! And guess what he ate?!! Intestines!! Gross!! He liked it! Tanner is going to eat cow head and cow tongue! Cool beans! Tanner is exploring and trying new things.

We did not get many pictures this week 😦 sad!!! Tanner doesn’t want to look like a tourist so he rarely takes his camera out.


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