Week 6

Tanner is now out of the MTC! How fast! He was quite sad to be leaving all his friends. He said he was just as sad as when he left home. I guess you really do grow close to the people you meet there! He is doing well! He received a new companion named elder Gomez! He barely speaks any ENGLISH! What a challenge. But we know tanner can do it! His PDAY is now Monday if you want to email him know it is Monday instead of THURSDAY.. Tanner tells us that his area is really rough. He will send pictures on Monday! So I will add them in next weeks blog! He didn’t say much more this week! But I must add im sure you all know tanners love for music he added in an email to Paige this “yesterday and Sunday I had two songs stuck in my head, Time by Alan Parsons Project (Dad will be proud) and Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos. Listen to them, they are both good and describe how I felt leaving the CCM” tanner loves music. And I know it’s probably a trial that he can’t listen to his Beatles, or rock music on his mission. But he can do anything he sets his mind too. Tanner has always wanted to serve a mission. And I know he will do great things.

This is tanner and his mission president and his wife. Also his companion elder Gomez! Tanner is looking so different!


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