Phone call!!! Christmas Day

What a wonderful experience we were able to call Tanner ! That was amazing! This is a few days after the call. But that 30 minutes we learned so much it was Better then emailing! We learned that he may have to use buckets to shower and he could get mugged. Tanner also told that people shoot guns off for fun in the air.!?!? Why? Lol! Crazy



Christmas was not the same without tanner here! Over the past years it was great! Something was truly missing. But at least he is doing a good thing!!!:) in tanners district they are doing a secret Santa! Tanner was excited to tell us all the things they exchanged! Tanner couldn’t speak English properly!!! I guess that’s good? He is learning the language and doing well. He will be out of the MTC in a week or 2. Tanner is learning the language better then most he says! He talked a lot about people in his district especially the ones from Venezuela! they are learning English. Tanner really loves his mission! But he is scared to speak Spanish fluently all the time! I know he can do it! Anyhow! Those 30 minutes were the best 30 minutes our family could ask for. And it was one amazing phone call! Til next time!


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