Week 4

We got to get an email from tanner on Tuesday instead of THURSDAY since he gets to call home on Christmas! (We are so excited to call… Just saying!!!!!) tanner didn’t say much this week) Tanner was shocked to realize he has been gone 4 whole weeks!!! He will be out of the MTC in 2 more weeks! Time sure is flying. Tanner said in an email “Hermano Hernandez who is super awesome and he can examine handwriting and tell your personality by hit so far he has determined that I am determined and that I am focused. I gave him a paper from my notebook to further analyze because I am curious.” This is pretty cool! He is getting closer to the teachers, and his companions. This is good because he is getting more comfortable with Mexico! And we are just so happy for him! He also shared with me that one of the elders first name is tanner! How cool. I always find it so entertaining some of the emails he sends. He sent me an email talking about the gift of tongues and his testimony that it was true : ” Lessons are so fun in Spanish they are hard but the gift of tongues is real. Hermana Weber is an old lady named Consuelo in her role plays and she acts super shy. I was really bold one lesson and I asked her if she would go to church with us and she was like,”tal vez”(maybe) and I don’t know maybe it was the spirit and I just said,”¿Si o no?” and she broke character and started laughing and so did Elder Rush and I had to ask if I was allowed to say that and she said it depends on the investigator but ´Consuelo´ said yes so that’s good and we got her to pray. ” what a great testimony of that. Tanner said he has learned 2 things on his mission. (We are hoping he has learned more but here is the 2 most important things he has learned :1. Focus on the Lord’s work and do all your studying for the investigators not for yourself 2. Teach people not lessons. How great is that! Tanner is doing great. More info on how he is doing tomorrow, when we call!!!!






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