Week 1:

It was tanners first week in the MTC or the CCM as they would say it in Spanish! Tanner has had a roller coaster of a week. From studying to having time with the people in his district. He said in an email to his sister “by the way Elder Rush is the
district leader so I am his counselor but district leader is so much harder than any calling we have been able to have until now. Some of our members of the district 10b are a little crazy sometimes but they are all awesome”. Tanner is loving his mission! Mexico has great weather he says it’s not to good! He says they have safe water for
Him to drink so he doesn’t get sick. my companion was sick and so are a lot of people in my district. “Yesterday morning my throat was horribly sore but it got better over the day and I feel perfectly fine today.” Tanner is also teaching an investigator named Rosa in Spanish. Him and his companion are learning tons!! Also Tanners fear of
Airplanes are no longer an issue. He said they weren’t bad at all. Attached are some pictures Tanner sent me:)




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